Home Insurance in Bolivar, MO

A Bolivar couple returned home from a much-needed vacation one August night to find that their dream home had burned to the ground in their absence. They lost all of their clothes, furniture and appliances. In addition, they also lost an extensive baseball card collection and a fishing boat that was stored in the garage.

Although the family was obviously devastated as they sifted through the ashes, there is a bright side to this story. Fortunately, when the couple moved into their home, they invested in the best insurance policy they could find.

Their home was insured for actual replacement value, so they were able to rebuild a bigger and better home on the same lot. Their policy included extended coverage for their lost collections and the vessel in the garage. They even had the money that they needed for temporary shelter and living expenses while their new home was under construction.

Meeting Your Homeowners Insurance Needs

While every insurance policy will be unique according to your specific risks and needs, there are a few things that everyone living in Missouri needs to take into consideration. For example, Missouri is the fifteenth most likely state for a tornado to hit.

Residents in the Southwest Missouri area have to be especially concerned about wind damage, hail storms, fires and tornados than in any other state. While the flood claims are slightly lower than the national average, in some parts of the state it remains a significant threat. Burglary claims are also above the national average and should be considered when purchasing coverage.

A good home owners insurance policy should include a wide variety of threats. You may require extra endorsements to your standard Home Insurance policy to ensure all of these threats have been addressed properly. Your agent will take the time to evaluate your specific situation and explain to you all of the risks you face and the coverage you need to include in your policy to obtain the right amount of coverage.

Reducing Financial Risk and Protecting Your Assets

Accidents, severe weather and crime are all things that everyone is prone to face at some point in their life. While it is just not possible to predict the exact moment that you are going to suffer such a loss, it is possible to ensure you will be protected financially when the time comes.

Obtaining Homeowners Insurance for the risks that naturally come along with owning a home is just a wise investment. Talking with a qualified insurance agent that is familiar with your geographic location will help you in making sense of all of the options that you have available to you.

Home owners insurance will protect you against the potential loss that results from a wide variety of risks, such as fire, severe weather and theft. However, it will also protect you from liability claims as well. Separate policies are also available for specific risks that you may face in your area, such as flooding and earthquakes.

How Liability Coverage Protects You

Your insurance liability coverage can protect you in the event that a visitor to your home is injured while on your property or someone else's property is damaged and you are responsible. Your home owners insurance policy can even provide you with protection against an injury that you cause to another person not on your property in some situations. However, acts of intentional damage and violence are not covered.

Common instances where your Home Insurance liability coverage can take care of your financial responsibilities include the following:

  • Your children are playing baseball outside when the ball is hit over the fence and straight through the upstairs window of your neighbor's house
  • The lady down the street brings a package of yours that was mistakenly delivered to her house and your dog bites her when she comes into your yard
  • Your friends bring their kids over for a barbeque and one of them breaks an arm jumping on the trampoline or slips and hits their head while playing by the pool
  • One of the visitors at your annual Christmas party slips on an icy sidewalk and breaks an ankle
  • You host a dinner for your boss and his wife, who end up in the hospital later that night with food poisoning

When a liability claim is filed against you, your Bolivar Homeowners Insurance policy can pay for the cost of repairs to the other party's property, medical expenses and even funeral costs in the most severe cases. If the person injured takes legal action against you, your policy can also cover the cost of the legal process.

At Capstone Insurors we take pride in making sure that all of our clients have the coverage they need. We will make certain that you are covered for pools, trampolines and other liability risks. We ensure our clients have the best coverage, not the least expensive. Fill out the free quote request form today for more information before it is too late.