Classic Car Insurance in


Don't watch your dream get destroyed......

You've dreamed about it for years and spent days and months working on or for that special car that is as unique as you don't let your dream and all that hard work get crushed.  That is exactly what could happen if an unfortunate accident occurs to your collectible car and you don't have the right coverage. Since your classic car is more valuable than your every day driver, it needs to be protected properly or you may be left with inadequate funds to replace your classic car  if it is damaged.

Insuring your car with Classic Car Insurance is a must. Since Classic Car Insurance is customized with the actual collectible value of your car instead of the depreciated value like typical car insurance, it gets you one step closer to replacing your collectible car should something happen. While we know each classic car is irreplaceable in it's own way, we don't want your dream of owning a classic car to be crushed if an accident does occur. It's one thing to be able to get another car, it's quite another to be able to replace your classic car.

Customize your car....customize your Classic Car Insurance

We know that each classic car is unique in it's own way.....and your classic car insurance can be too! Just like you make your collectible car unique, you can customize your classic car policy to fit exactly what you need. From the miles you drive to the value of your car, there are numerous features you can add or adust on your Classic Car policy to fit you and your car. Get the insurance you need and save money by limiting the features you don't want.

Don't wait......protect your dream today!

Before you take your baby out for another spin, make sure you are properly protected. Have confidence in your coverage, so you can enjoy your ride. We care about you.....and your dreams. Call our knowledgeable agents today so we can protect both. Complete the online quote request below....and let us take care of the rest.