OSBA Wellness Program

Lifestyle Success, Wealth for Your Health

Exercise... Track... Win!

With Capstone Insurance's Lifestyle Success Wellness program that is tailor made for the Ozarks Schools Benefits Association school district you not only benefit by leading a healthy lifestyle but you can earn cash and other prizes while you do it! Everyone has a chance to qualify for $50, $100 even $150!! The Lifestyle Success program focuses on four major areas: Activity, Awareness, Healthy Living & Prevention. The Lifestyle Success program brings a customized Wellness Program to your school to help improve the health of each employee while managing health care costs. By providing a dedicated Capstone Wellness Coordinator (Krista Edwards) to your district, we work with each district to entice, reward and empower each employee to take charge of their health and lead a healthier lifestyle. To learn more about how to begin your healthy lifestyle journey... read the steps below!

Step 1: Register with MotionConnected

  • Registration Code: Find your REGISTRATION CODE here. This is schools specific so when your district competes in challenges, you will be placed in your own school's "community." You will use this registration code to create your NEW Wellness myInertia Portal for tracking your activity and points.
  • Set up your MotionConnected account: Go to www.motionconnected.com and watch the Registration Video on the right to create your account.

Step 2: Pick Your Device

The main focus of the wellness program is based on tracking steps. There are several devices that can be used to track your activity:

  • Register an account with the Wellness Outlet.
  • You may use an existing device if it is a compatible Garmin, Apple or Fitbit.
  • Shop online for a new tracking device in the Wellness Outlet store and receive $10 off with coupon code!  The coupon code is OSBA20 and is valid through Sept 30th. 
  • You must use a valid school email address to utilize the coupon code.   CLICK HERE to shop!                                      

Step 3: Link Your Device to MotionConnected

There are several ways to link your device to your MotionConnected portal.  Most popular is by smartphone.

Smartphone (required for upgraded Garmin, Fitbits & iWatch): On your MotionConnected site, click the My Devices tab. Choose the link button for the brand of device that you have. Enter your login and password. Initial sync can take up to 24 hours. Do NOT delete your device and start over. After initial sync each upload will take 2-5 minutes. 

There is an option to use your smart phone as a tracker using Fitbit Mobile Track.  There are tutorials on how to do this under the MotionConnected support tab as well as in depth instructions on how to link all of the devices.  

If your device is not linked to myInertia, your activity will not be fed to myInertia for your points to be counted.  Please make sure that your myInertia account is getting information from your device.  Again, if it is not, you will not be getting points for your activity and activity cannot be backlogged in most cases.

Step 4: Participate!

Now that you have your tracking device, the next step and the start to a healthier lifestyle (and those awesome prizes) is to:

  • Activity: you can walk, run, swim, play sports... practically anything you do that gets your heart rate up! You pick the exercise and your steps convert to points. Download the Scorecard to the right for some common activities to get started and learn more on how to earn your points.
  • Awareness: be sure to stay up to date on the monthly Wellness Challenges for extra motivation and points
  • Healthy Choices: we all know that exercising is only half the battle when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you drink plenty or water, eat those veggies and don't forget about breakfast....visit your myInertia portal Scorecard to watch other videos on how to make healthy lifestyle choices and to earn points
  • Prevention: taking preventative measures is another important part of staying healthy. Participate in preventative measures such as getting an annual physical to earn points.  Click here to download the form needed to get points for a Preventive Care Exam.
  • Nutrition:  OSBA partners with Naturally Slim to offer a FREE online nutrition education component to the wellness program!  There will be two sessions offered per school year.  Space will be limited so contact your Wellness Coordinator for more information if you are interested in participating!

Be sure to upload your activity to your device regularly. Visit your MotionConnected portal often to review your Scorecard where you can view your activity, points and to view each month's challenge!

Step 5: Win!

Congratulations! Now that you've done the hard part you can earn up to $150 and have a chance to WIN up to $10,000 or other monthly prizes! Here is an overview of how you can win.

Year end CASH Reward...this is for everyone! Earn points by staying active (September through April) and participating in other wellness activities and earn CASH at the end of the year! EVERYONE CAN WIN!

  • Gold (1400+ points): $150
  • Silver (1100+ points): $100
  • Bronze (750+ points): $50

Monthly Drawings: Each month you earn points that gain you entries into a drawing that includes a group of Missouri schools.  Each month the names go into the pot... here are the ways you can win:

  • Individual Cash Grab Bag ($150 - $1,000 in Cash): two names are drawn to be eligible to win up to $1,000 in a "Bag Grab". Krista (Capstone's Wellness Coordinator) will visit your district with a box full of money bags and the person whose name was drawn picks two bags. The person has to match up the $1,000 gift certificates to win the $1,000... BUT even if you don't match them up, whatever the amount of the certificate that is in the bags you picked, you get to keep! You are guaranteed to win at least $150!
  • District Cash Grab Bag (Monthly Challenge): there will be a monthly challenge between the participating districts. The winning school wins the right to host their own Cash Grab Bag. One participating employee at that district will be drawn to participate in the Bag Grab and win between $150 and $1,000! (Played the same way as the individual Cash Grab Bag).
  • District Cash Grab Bag (Participation): each month the district with the largest participation increase will win the right to host their own Cash Grab Bag. One participating employee at the district will be drawn to participate in the Bag Grab and win between $150 and $1,000! (Played the same way as the individual Cash Grab Bag).
  • Wellness Coordinator Cash Grab Bag: district wellness coordinators who get 30% participation OR have a 2% increase in participation will have the chance to win between $150 and $1,000! (Played the same way as the individual Cash Grab Bag).
  • Prize Drawing (average value of $400): one name will be drawn to pick a prize with an average value of $400! You can download the Prize List shown on the right. Anything from electronics, to home goods!
  • Nationwide drawing: each entry after the OSBA drawings is entered into a Nationwide drawing for a chance to win gas cards, weekend get-aways, prizes, etc.

Didn't win this month? Don't worry! If your name was not drawn in a certain month, all of your entries roll over to the next month, and the next month, ect.

Annual Drawing:

  • Nationwide drawing: this is an annual Cash Grab Bag with the chance to win up to $10,000! The OSBA group has had someone picked to participate in this drawing to win in the past, so don't underestimate your chances to win!

Good luck, we hope you win!