Long Term Care Insurance in Bolivar

Have you spent years saving so that you can enjoy retirement through traveling, fishing trips, spending more time with family, etc?  Do your plans include a solution for if you were to get sick or injured while you are enjoying the retirement you worked so hard for?  Becoming sick or injured during your retirement years is, unfortunately, a very likely possibility.  Long term care insurance through Capstone Insurors can help you make sure you have a plan if the situation were to arise.  

According to a recent national study...The costs of nursing care and/or extended medical assistance can average over $6,000 per month ($72,000 over the year) for a private room in a nursing home.  That can be devastating to your available funds if not planned for.  Most  people, regardless of their working status, would be overwhelmed by those costs.  

If you are covered under Medicare...you may think that you will have coverage for a nursing facility but, unfortunately, Medicare does not allow for in-home coverage.  You could very well be transferred to a state-run facility in order to get the care that you need.  When you take all of this into consideration...the cost of long term care insurance in Missouri is very affordable compared to the risk of facility or medical assistance costs.

A long term care insurance policy purchased through Capstone Insurors can protect the retirement dreams you have worked so hard for. A policy can even be customized for you, if it is your preference, so that you can receive in-home care rather than being moved to a facility.

Here are two reasons to get started right away!

  1. The younger you are when you purchase a long term care policy...the lesser your premium will be!
  2. You can get a no-risk quote right away by filling out the short form. We'll get back to you with an affordable option to secure the retirement you want.