Missouri Esthetician Insurance

A tanning salon or beauty shop offers a wide variety of services to the surrounding community. You may find it somewhat difficult to determine the type of Esthetician Insurance coverage that you need. Because a beauty salon provides so many types of services, such as hairdressing, manicures, pedicures, tanning, massage, facials, hair removal, threading and much more, generalizing about your coverage needs is tough.

As a beauty or tanning salon owner, you should not have to be satisfied with blanket beauty salon insurance coverage. After all, no two salons are just alike. For this reason, your salon may require coverage that is slightly different from another Missouri salon across town. That is why your agent will explain the many different ways your Cosmetology Insurance policy can be adjusted to meet your specific coverage requirements. You will be able to add and remove coverage options until you have an insurance plan that is fully customized for your business.

General Liability Coverage

An essential policy for tanning and beauty salon owners is General Liability Insurance. This is because between the environment in which you work and the products that you offer for sale to your customers, there is a large amount of risk that could lead to a liability claim against you.

Slip and fall coverage will protect you against the types of accidents that most often result in a general liability claim. Product residue, water and dry hair on the floor can pose a significant hazard. If one of your customers slips and is injured, you may face legal action related to bodily injury.

Products liability coverage will provide protect against claims related to the products that you sell or recommend to your customers. If one of your customers purchases a product from your salon and suffers an allergic reaction when they use the product at home, you may be sued for the damages.

Personal injury coverage is a type of liability insurance that will protect you if a customer suffers from some kind of non-physical or emotional injury. For example, if they fall asleep in the tanning bed and do not turn over, then have to give a public speech with an uneven tan. In this case, they may decide to file a liability claim against you.

If your beauty shop or tanning salon faces a liability claim, your Esthetician Insurance policy will help cover the expenses of settlements, legal defense, immediate medical expenses and court judgments.

Commercial Property Coverage

Often times, beauty shops and tanning salons in Missouri are required to carry Commercial Property Insurance, either by the financial lender or the property owner. However, property insurance is not just required, it is necessary.

One of the most commonly filed claims by small businesses is property damage. Having the right property coverage policy in place can be the difference between recovering quickly and closing your salon doors for good following a storm, theft or fire. This type of policy will cover the following:

  • Equipment, such as tanning beds, skin care equipment and hair dryers
  • Furnishings, such as massage tables, reception desks, shampoo stations, hair styling stations
  • Physical space, which is the structure that houses your salon
  • Products, including the product that you keep in inventory for sale as well as the products that you have on hand to use on your customers
  • Tools, including smocks, razors, brushes, scissors and tools for nail care

It is quite possible that a lot of time and money has gone into acquiring your business property. A single tanning bed may have cost you thousands of dollars. Your office equipment that you use to keep up with financial records and maintain schedules was likely a major expense as well. With the right Cosmetology Insurance, you will have the opportunity to replace all of your essential equipment to get your business up and running again as soon as possible following a loss.

You may also want to consider including business interruption coverage with your property insurance policy. In the case of extreme weather or fire, you may have to close your doors while the repairs are being made. With business interruption insurance, you will be able to keep up with your ongoing expenses, such as your loan payments, rent, utility bills, payroll and any associated relocation expenses until your business is back on its feet.

At Capstone Insurors, we specialize in providing coverage for salon and tanning business owners just like you. Our experienced agents are familiar with the unique insurance needs of the beauty industry. We have competitive markets in this area, which allows us to be able to offer you quality Cosmetology Insurance at the best possible rate.

Disaster could strike at any moment without warning. Do not wait until that happens to find out you do not have appropriate coverage. Fill out the quote request form to connect with one of our qualified agents right away before it is too late.