Missouri Artisan Contractors Insurance

You have developed your skills as an artisan contractor, you have created and grown your business on your ability to perform such skilled work. There are many things out of your control that can take away all that you and your family have worked for. At Capstone Insurors in Missouri we want to provide you with an Artisan Contractors Insurance policy, developed just for you; protecting your liability, property and other tools, your overall business, and your livelihood.

Specialty Contractor Insurance is designed specifically for the smaller contractors such as electricians, plumbers, painters, and other skilled craftsmen, who typically are not subcontracting any of their work out to others. The policy includes basic Contractor Insurance plus some custom protection for tools, transit and storage unique to artisans.

Getting a specialized policy is much less expensive than one might think, even with liability coverage limits up to $1,000,000 and $2,000,000. The policy can be tailored to provide you with the coverages that you truly need, avoiding some of the cost for coverages that may not fit your needs.

Artisan Contractors Insurance coverage can include the following protection:

  • General Liability coverage for damage to property of others, business operations liability, completed operations liability, and professional liability.
  • Time Element coverage (or "disability Income for a business"); in the case of a direct loss where you are temporarily unable to work, this will provide coverage for your expenses and profits while the business is shut down. Such cost include payroll and or business income.
  • Business Personal Property coverage ranging from small miscellaneous tools all the way up to your larger equipment such as bobcats and tractors.
  • Commercial Auto coverage which will give you broader coverage associated with the commercial exposure rather than coverage from your personal autos where some losses may be excluded because of the commercial exposure.
  • Worker's Compensation coverage for both you and your employees including the 1099 employee who you might have a responsibility too in the event of an on the job injury.
  • Custom coverages or packages are available provide such protection for installation, tools, storage and property in transit at a minimal annual cost.

A major source of jobs for the Artisan Contractor is the referral from a general contractor or retail store. Many contractors or retail stores will require you to provide a Certificate of Insurance for each bid or job, with a Missouri Specialty Contractor Insurance policy those requirements can be fulfilled, including carriers that will allow us to list the contractor as an additional insured per their request. Capstone Insurors strives to provide you with a quick response in order to qualify for new jobs.

Here are two reasons to start today!

  1. Get the protections you need before you have lost it all! Start your next job with an Specialty Contractor Insurance that will protect your business from exposures with liability, to protect your equipment and your business as a whole.
  2. You can get a free no-risk quote right away. Simply complete this short form and we will contact you to discuss your exact needs to provide you with an affordable quote on an excellent policy.